TMA-2 Discovery



Made while working at Magic People Voodoo People

Brief -> Solution

AIAIAI makes the modular TMA-2 headphone that, with +1000 possible configurations, is insanely cool but also a bit jarring to get in to. That’s why AIAIAI thought of a feature that’d configure the perfect headphone for a user, based on their taste in music by analysing their Spotify Discover Weekly.

I started figuring out how to implement the feature into their existing webshop; the data from the analysis was fun and quirky, reflecting genres and tempos but also moods like “Sensuality” — and my core idea quickly became to design a immersive experience that would make it fun for users to explore and enjoy their Discover Weekly through these beautiful compositions of abstract data visualisations — which then would be tied to the components that made up their perfect TMA-2 configuration.

The site made quite a few waves when we launched and was featured in tech- and music blogs all over the world.

*Early concepts

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